About Suzanne Walsh



Born in the 1950s as a bit of a wild child running free in the countryside-chasing butterflies, exploring the creeks during the spring melt, laying in the tall grass with the wind and sun, and feeling one with nature-this has been a strong influence on my artistic process. These memories are the most vivid of my youth.

From a very young age I was drawn to self-expression through art and specifically abstract and non-objective painting and drawing. The Art programs at the secondary school level provided the encouragement, validation and the doorway into the realm of artistic expression that has served me well in many ways and this was the steppingstone into attending OCA (now OCADU).

Attendance at OCA was short lived, as I opened up a small antique store which led to the co-founding Turn of the Century Lighting in 1978. I mention this to say that though this part of my professional life was not specifically art-related it was multifaceted and a visual, imaginative and creative process.

I now have the opportunity to express more fully the artistic side that vitally informs who I am. My primary focus is on exploring the abstract and nonrepresentational aspects of an internal life working predominantly in acrylics.

Nature and the wider universe speak to me deeply and they continue to influence my work to a great degree. I attend art courses at Haliburton School of Art and Design and Toronto School of Art which contribute to enlarging my visual vocabulary.

Beyond providing opportunities to share and connect with others, artistic expression allows for reflection on the human experience. Other interests vary from music/jazz appreciation to travelling, hiking and camping across North America
Toronto-based Modern Contemporary Abstract Artist